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Monday, April 1, 2013

Platina Data

I have watched this movie a couple of week ago
Just want to share some pics I got from the pamphlet and some thoughts about issue pointed out by the movie.
Apparently, things that they do concerning platina data has been really done, if not been pursued   by the U.S. There have been efforts to develop program that can analyze the genomic data and manifest the result in facial and body construction of each person. However, whether there are violation in using the data has not been reported publicly. The movie pointed out how sensitive this matter could be beside how useful the nationally compiled genomic data can be. I think it will be very great if every country or government could invest in such research project. However, they also have to prepare the law about it. Failing to overcome the rising crime type of misusing the data especially by the authorities itself would lead into a chaos for the country itself. Let alone if the data fall into other country`s spy (especially when these countries are involved in unhealthy competition or even obvious war)

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