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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Happy by Pharrel Williams

This song always manages me to dance,
or at the very least, boost my mood on doing anything
The lyric is great, the beat is even better!
I think whoever arranges the music is really smart.

Hearing this song reminds me that I have been more cheerful and happier than I was last year
Apparently, writing is a good treatment for me.
And not just writing, but to be more specific,
writing things make me happy or thankful.
It was pretty much difficult at start
since I was depressed and can not think anything else but
negative and sad thoughts.
I even had to force myself to find excuses or things that
actually not making me that happy and to write those things as happy things like seeing it as blessing in disguise
Looking back, happiness occurs everyday,
it is the matter of realizing and acknowledging it.

Now I believe the secret to be happy is to be content
and to be content is to realize there is always things to be grateful of.
even the smallest or simplest thing
such as sleeping or even breathing.

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