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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Review : Rurouni Kenshin-Densentsu no Saigo hen

Just watched the movie and wanted to highlight things out:

1. As Aoshi's fans of course I want to highlight this one out first; Isseya did a good job portraying Aoshi! Not to mention the action scene fighting Kenshin and Shishio. I am satisfied. One thing bothers me, I did not recall Aoshi has ever showed such expression like wanting to cry in anime or manga. That being said, Isseya's nearly crying regretting his mistake expression felt pretty much sincere. 

2. Hands down to Sato Takeru. He brought Himura Kenshin along with Battousai alive. Kamiki also played Soujirou very well, his action scene was awesome!

3. One scene bothered my friend then me later, there was a scene Saitou wearing hakama on his disguise, then a couple of minutes later on the same spot, he's already with his police uniform fighting with kenshin. Magically. ( ̄▽ ̄)

4. Fujiwara definitely stepped up his game this time. On Kyoto hen I did not catch Shishio image at all from him until the end of the movie. This time, I almost forgot Shishio was played by Fujiwara esp on final battle scene. Or is it because I'm getting used to him being Shishio?

5. As for Eguchi playing Saitou,'s a bit better 

6. Fukuyama Masaharu played Seijuro Hiko well, for a veteran actor, his movement for fast fighting scenes are pretty much good. 

7. Kudos to fighting coreographer and director, the scenes are beautifully arranged and shot.

8. The downside of the movie is you can't see other Juppon Gatana fighting one by one like on anime and manga, maybe because of the duration limit. 

9. The scene of Kaoru wandering on a beach should be erased and filled with Juppon Gatana instead since it felt more like filler. No meaning at all, except maybe showing the actress' beautiful face (Forget her name) 

10. How the other x mark was made was not shown. I do hope there would be one movie about Tomoe and Enishi. But maybe the chance was pretty much thin.

11. Best moment (aside those involving aoshi in it,  of course) was kenshin and kaoru talking how the era had changed. I will not give you any spoiler,yet, it's a very sweet way to end the movie.

12. One OK Rock theme song made me want to buy their album....

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