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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Homesick Syndrome

Yesterday night, I cried for reasons I do not know exactly what they are. Maybe they are accumulated for so many times I can not cry when I supposed to cry. It felt so overwhelming, my chest hurt.
What is left right now is homesick feeling.
A longing for
Place you know you are warmly and earnestly welcome.
Familiar people you do not have to hide your true feeling or even self.
Moments you can enjoy from your heart
In short, my comfort zone.
To know my time will come soon to go home is bittersweet.
I had good memories here.
Yet, I realize, I do not belong here.
Last year, I am still not sure what I want to do next.
Now, I realize where shall I go next.
Obviously, I have decided, I will not stay here.
The only reason I would come back here is to be either work related or vacation.
Never felt so certain about this.

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