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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2018 Resolution

Spiritual :
1. scheduled and detailed prayer lists
2. read C S Lewis books (the non fiction ones)

1. Try to enjoy talking with family, esp immediate ones
2. More patience in explaining and doing things for the parents
3. More smile in the morning

1. at least 3 gym classes a week
2. additional of 500 km of running by the end of the year
3. complete a full marathon (Bali if possible)
4. A cup of coffee and A litre of water a day
5. Less sugary food (incl chocolate)
6. NO eating after 7
7. Learn to dive

1. Not touching my "tunjangan jabatan" for pampering myself
2. Take TJ more often than gojek
3.  Eat modestly

Knowledge and Work
1. Continue and master basics of deutsch language
2. Participate in polyglot community
3. Wake up before 6 am
4. Finish, summarize, and understand at least one or two journals in a week

1. Visit more museums and galleries
2. Start sketeching and post in new account of insta to get some feedback

1. Open for any kind of introduction
2. Stay true to myself

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