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Thursday, December 26, 2013

setting the bar

Consciously or not, most of the times, there's this urge to do every thing perfectly,
if not with a lot of toil.
I guess one of the reason is that, since I was a child I was expected to do my best.
to set a good example for my younger sisters.

Honestly, it felt like a burden, at first.
Then, somehow it turns out to be something that natural for me.
Looking from my younger sisters' side, especially, the youngest,
I, sometimes, feel guilty.
She might think I set the bar too high for them to reach.
I hope it is just solely my assumption.
As a defense or not, the reason why I want to achieve as high as I can, is actually not to set the bar they
have to get through, yet,
to show them that they can also do the same thing because we have the same guide, GOD.
that every achievement requires hard work and determination, aside, of course, GOD.
that it is not impossible.
that if you want you can overcome your obstacles in reaching your dream and passion.
Thus, those reasons become my self motivation.

I can not afford to fail
not because I want to be the perfect daughter.
It is because I do not want to see them fail without even trying.

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