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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Being 30 and still working on them

I am thankful I am 30 now.
I can say for sure that if not because of God
I will not be here.
I feel so much wiser, more controlled, and aware about myself
including weaknesses I still have to work on.

1. Inconsistency
    sometimes I can be so passionate doing something yet other times, esp when something bad happen or
    having sequential failures I will tend to give up and just let things go. sometimes I feel to tired to even
    carry on. I have to slap my own butt and face to keep me moving.

2. Lazy
    I have been quite lazy to study journals. Sometimes I am too tired I do not want to learn anything

3. Negative thinking
   Once I let it develop, it can ruin my whole day sometimes

4. Discipline in
a. Pray.
    Setting time to pray and things I want to pray, sometimes it is to tiring I simply only pray that I can sleep
    and be able to wake up the next morning. Plus naming the usual (never changed) names so they are to be
    blessed. I rarely pray for people around me other than my own family.

b. Bible study
    Never did since my undergraduate time

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