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Friday, July 26, 2013

The Underdogs

So, I wrote this article for upcoming uni festival guidebook;
The inspiration itself just came close to the deadline (as in today),
I hope they can understand my English, moreover, hopefully, it can inspire the readers

The Underdogs

Have you ever felt being underestimated by someone or people? Well, the good news is, you are not alone. Actually, being an underdog; a term used for those who are being underestimated or expected to lose; is not always a bad thing. It depends on how you act on that. You can weep on it, victimizing yourself; blaming God and the rest of the world. Or, you can actually use that as your advantage.
Being underdog makes you realize that there are things you still have to catch up. Realizing and admitting you still have things you do not know is still lot better than not realizing you do not know anything. Being underdog makes you realize you have targets to pursue. As my academic advisor said, in this whole world, the most unfortunate animal is lab mouse. It lives, but only limited in small cages. Eventually, it dies without knowing anything, why and for what purpose it was born (medical students, you know this well better than anyone). So, the next time people laugh at you or criticize you, it might feel hurt, yet, at the very least, you were given a chance to recognize things you have to improve.
As an underdog, you know, there are things you have to improve or find out how to overcome your drawbacks, thus, you know you have to work harder than anyone, sometimes, twice harder. Sounds difficult to do? Well, there is this saying you might want to remember; just because it is difficult to do, it does not mean it can not be done at all.
O.K., so, you have worked very hard, but it does not seem to change anything. People still look down on you, you still have nothing to prove yourself in front of people that you are actually better than they thought. Keep working; keep reading; keep practicing; keep doing whatever you have to do. You can cry here and there, it`s normal, you are allowed to become frustrated. Give yourself a break. Then, continue. My professor taught me, as long as you are true to yourself and continue working, something good will come out eventually. Besides, all beautiful and useful things in this world are not created instantly; silk, pearl, butterflies, and yes, even you!
Finally, let`s remember, being an underdog might mean you are still in the bottom, but when you see it the other way around; this only mean one thing, there is no other way than going up. To all the underdogs, 頑張ろう!And to all those who look us down, we only have one thing to say to you; `See you at the end of the line and we`ll see who will have the last bark.`

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