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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Graveyard conversation

Today, I went to my godmother's and grandma's sister grave with my family. As usual, my mom and dad "talked" to them while rearranging their graves. Later, my little sist told me that she actually did not understand what is the point of "talking" to their graves especially if you believe they are already in heaven with God. I agreed. Honestly, I can not feel anything while I was there. let alone sadness. We came into conclusion we might be very senseless about this thing, yet, we do believe that grave is not actually for the dead, it is for those left behind. They can channel their love and memories about their loved ones so they build a memento. A grave. Personally, I and my little sist, when our time comes, prefer to be cremated than buried. We realized it will be a burden for our family especially the graveyards are outside the city, therefore, quite far. Not to mention it will take some expenses to rent the place and hire people to maintain our grave. We do not mind to be cremated and our ashes either are brought into the house or scattered outside, as long as our pictures are not burnt yet well kept, as well as, our social media account. XD We will not be hanging around in the graveyard after we die. We believe our God already has place for us. And so it is not necessary to come to our grave. It will be easier, if those miss us to open our social media account or picture albums,right? This has been my second post about death. I do not know why I think about this. My grandma's sister and godmother's deaths have changed my way of thinking about life. They made me realize that I can not set aside death from my life. One day I will face it too. You just do not know when and how. Therefore, sometimes I found myself thinking about death. I was also thinking about writing my own will, haven't done it yet though. The other reason is that since I travel a lot due to my career and my status as a foreign student, my chance of having accident are bigger, who knows, you know. I did some precaution acts such as leaving notes to my little sist about my pin number and passwords for my e-mail so if something does happen to me (please not now, God, if I may ask), she knows what to do.

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