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Friday, January 3, 2014

Review: Soekarno

I finally watched Soekarno. of course, I did stand and sing Indonesia Raya before the movie started. thanks to marvelous quality acting of Lukman Sardi and Tanta Ginting, I have respect to Hatta and Sjahrir more than I used to. other standout act was performed bY Maudy Koesnadi as Inggit,second wife of Soekarno. I, however, am a bit disappointed with Ferry Salim and Ario Bayu`s acting. Salim `s act seemed to be `too synthetic` esp on his way potraying Japanese soldier compared to those japan origin supporting actors. Bayu`s act seemed not that believable as Soekarno,even if it is, his acting shrank between Sardi and G8nting`s. I am not impressed at all. My fave scene was when the indonesian delegates were informed by the Japanese that they will have their independence. they hugged each other while Hatta,who always looked calm and composed,suddenly came out silently. Soekarno followed him and said to Hatta that he was f8nally smiling and congratulated him because that day was also his birthday. what a bro romance scene! The other scene was when sjahrir received news that proclamation was about to be held by Soekarno and Hatta. the way he silently smiled knowing that his comrades didn't let him down was so cool! Ginting`s act can deliver a story although not uusing too many dialogues. Last but not least, when Inggit will leave Soekarno, she did her last duty as his official wive, putting "peci" on his ex husband's head. Maudy's acting made goosebumps out of me. There was also a similar scene with Fatmawati, yet it did not give the same effect like on Inggit's scene. Overall, I think it is quite good movie. hopefully, it will be a trigger to more historical based movies in Indonesia. Despite the conflict shadowed the movie release (Fatmawati's children seemed not happy with the image of Soekarno in this movie, either his acting quality or how his character is portrayed in a script), the movie can deliver some good messages. It showed that Soekarno is not different with any other human being. He was imperfect. Yet, he can do something extraordinary due to the support of his wive(s) and friends. It also reminded us how our country became united within one foundation, thus, it is not necessary to fuss about the differences we have. I do not own this image

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