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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Review: Kuroshitsuji

Just watched kuroshitsuji live action.
Basically the story is very different to manga. Apparently it is done intentionally since they do not want this movie to end up with "that cosplay movie" stereotype.
Brave move yet a good one!
I will not go into much details. 
In summary, the story revolves on kiyoharu (ciel) and sebastian investigating mummified like victim cases which apparently has something to do with kiyoharu's past.
The action was great! Mizushima and Yamamoto did their fighting scene well! ( assumingly they did not use any stunts).
Here you can see nice performance by Yuka whose face reminds me of Matsu Takako. Her expressions was quite dramatic. 
I do not feel that much from the actress who played kiyoharu though ( forgot the name). Seems so so to me. 
I can not think of anyone else as sebastian except mizushima! And boy, did he fit in perfectly! 

From the guidebook, I found out that mizushima has actually rejected this project many times until the crew asked him to work behind the scene and he finally thought that he want to be working in the screen ( kudos to all the crew who succesfully persuaded him!)

Mizushima also took his part really serious, he even developed his own detail such as almost not blinking during sebastian scene since he thought sebastian's character was "saying more with eyes than mouth". He worked with the designers for sebastian wardrobe, shed weights to be 50 kgs, practicing fighting scenes and all related with buttler world.

There were several things that bothered me enjoying the show: 

1. Why setting up the bomb for 30 mins!? Gosh! If you have a bomb you want to detonate why took it so long?
2. And if you have a hostage, as a killer, why not kill her/him while you have time?
3. There was this scene when rin and kiyoharu hide for a while just outside the room full of bad guys. It actually only took less than a min for the bad guys to reach their place but even until rin got her flashback scene and argued with kiyoharu, none of them came to their place.
4. It was said they only have 15 mins for recovering from inhaling the potion. Yet, kiyoharu still alive longer than that she even can climb the stairs ( until rooftop) bringing a suitcase filled with bomb which brings us to no. 
5. It was shown the bomb will detonate within 5 mins. But, it actually did not detonate until kiyoharu reach the rooftop. It was actually nonsense since she waa under poison effect and almost died. To take that until the rooftop more than 3 storages with that kind of state?

Anyway, it is a good movie indeed.
Plus, you can enjoy shirota yuu's cameo.
Eye candies, ladiesss!!!

Over all score : 7/10


  1. i hate this movie cause they made this into a damn romance EAT THE DAMN SOUL!

  2. as manga and anime fan, you are right, this movie is pretty much disappointing