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Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Today, I was shocked by a fact that a friend I have considered pretty much close to me have been actually married not from him. I felt betrayed in some level. I thought we trust each other. Apparently it only applies one way. I am greatly disappointed (not meant to be a drama queen, though) I do not have special feeling for this person, yet, the fact he never told me about this thing amazed me. He did not trust me. I and my friend, who told me about this, realized several things that people around us have been tried to warn us that time but we do not take it seriously because we thought they were just kidding. We knew him better, that was what we thought. Now we understand why. It also apparently that would mean only one thing. They knew. We had this chat group consisted of four people. Now I can only trust one. The other one who was acknowledged as a relative to his, I lost my trust on her too. Apparently, she knew. She did not say a thing though To be fair, I have never asked about what his status So it is actually not entirely his fault not letting us or me know. His status not been that important to me and my friend whom I still trust,yet, he have told me several personal stories and I thought he trusted me with them so there is no reason why I should be suspicious at any level. and because of that, I thought if he already get married then he will let me know personally. And he has been married for 3 years! before he came to Japan and met me! I felt like it has been a fake friendship Again this serves as a fact that 1. you can not trust anyone entirely 2. being opened to a friend you considered close does not always mean and require the other way around 3. if you do not want to be bitter about it : be opened yet do not expect people will do the same or you will be disappointed. I am still in disbelief.

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