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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christian Fellowship

One thing that I miss the most of living in a country with just a few of christians is the fellowship.
As a country with most of the people do not think religion is a must, Japan only has few christians and therefore, church. Nevertheless, the government still allow christians to do worship and related activities.

I am thankful I still can go to church. But again, I still feel that different culture and language makes the fellowship fall flat. Especially, in my church, there is no english service. So, I pretty much have to struggle to get deeper understanding when the priest read his/her devotion. Usually, I end up with catching basic and conceptual point without any significant development.
Also, since most of the church attendees are grandmas and grandpas; I can not find friends with similar age. Practically, there is no such fellowship like in my country; Teruna or Pemuda. First, it did not bother me.

Then, I realized, without any fellowship, I can not grow. I feel my faith is walking in circle.
Even worse, slightly but sure, I started to feel empty and hungry.
Most of the times, I forgot the feeling of how I was full of joy and satisfied with my fellowship with God and my peers. Praying and supporting each other.
I still can communicate with my fellowship friends in Indonesia via internet.
But it still does not feel the same.
I fear I will be taken away by this stream of ignorance of God and the fellowship with Him and His followers.
Here, you have to remind yourself. No one watches.
If you do not guard your way, you will be drifted away.
Private devotion is important but so is fellowship with others.
It helps you to remember that you are not alone following Christ
you are not the only one who struggles to defend your faith from
Satan and its deceitful ways.
And it makes you to feel that you are actually useful to build other`s life
that you belong to some place.

However, I can not give up.
Being here is my choice and I have to bear the consequences that come with it
I pray that God will give me strength to bear the burden
I feel inside
I am looking forward the day I come home and be around you,guys....

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