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Monday, January 7, 2013

Things Left Unspoken

I just watched one of 30 rock episodes
so, Liz was trying to tell her colleagues to communicate
honestly to people they love before too late
In the end, some could communicate their true feeling
and had a happy ending.
Some, like in Jenna`s case, did not end well.
Since it was too late.
She had to left her true feeling left unspoken.
if you are interested to see what the episode was about click here

Once when I was too naive
I thought that no matter how bitter the truth could be
it should be spoken out loud
not just about facts
also about feelings
and thoughts
I wanted to be as honest as I can be

However, again, learning from experiences
there are things that should be left unspoken
no matter how you want to spit those out
especially about feelings and thoughts
since people might not agree about them
or people find them offensive
although you do not mean too
or they will drag you into some inconvenient situation
or unnecessary fights
or distant relationship
or they might be too cheesy to tell and people will think you weird
or mock you
or make fun of you
....sounds too paranoid,huh?

Well I do not speak based on nothing
There were some experiences resulted in awkward or disappointing moments
by the time I choose to speak my mind,
my feeling
my fear
They did not end well.
Some ended just like what I have mentioned above

It is not only about the content itself
sometimes it is more about to whom
you actually want to speak your mind or feeling out
sometimes it is easier to be as honest as you could
with someone you do not even know or strangers
less time to people who you actually care or love
or is it more because your communication ability?
or language barrier?

I wonder if there are actually such criteria or fine line
of things that you have to say clearly no matter what
or things that you should not ever consider to spill it out
I wonder if people just talk what is on their mind and heart
as truthful as they can, without filtering it out
will the world be a better word? or worse?

There was an old saying that truth hurts
therefore people tend not to be blatantly honest to each other
I think that is quite true
However, I can not stop thinking that what makes they are so sure about that
what if leaving things unspoken actually hurts you more?
does not regret leave a wound on your soul?
when it is too late?
what if leaving things unspoken tortures you more
with questions before you sleep, `what happen if I really say it?`
Many times I decided to leave things unspoken and
wait for the time to drift them away,
but many times too I sometimes wish I could have this hidden camera or speaker
within people I hide the truth from and find out
what were they actually thinking at the same time
And then the urge to tell the truth comes again,
but the condition was not that right
then you were left with sentences starting with
`If only he knew....`
`If only they knew....`
`If only you knew....`
`If only I knew....`

Why can communicating with other people be so difficult?
Why are we making strategies just to communicate with each other?
Why are we making it difficult?
I mean, if communication is intended to make things better
Why are people so scared to fail on communicating their feelings and minds?

Oh well,
seems to me that this time, there were too many questions
without any conclusion at all
thank you for bearing it with me through this topic
maybe this thing too
was better to be left unspoken

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