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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Honey Boo Boo

picture was taken from wikipedia

I realized that up until now, my posts have been very gloomy and distressful. So to balance things up, I decided to post something with cheerful atmosphere instead. Here comes Honey Boo Boo has been one of my fave entertainment show, pretty much helps me to forget my problems for a while.

I have to admit, watching here comes Honey Boo Boo is my new guilty pleasure. Well, actually, it is not a guilty pleasure now. It changes to be a must watch! XD First, I was a little bit suspicious with this reality show. I heard it once from Atlanta radio, and how the casts talk in English with very thick southern accent, people have to add subtitle to clarify what they are saying. And, the main idea of this show was cheezy. I mean, a reality show about a girl and her mom chasing a beauty queen title? Plus, I am one of those who thinks that children pageants sometimes can be too `mature`. How do you measure child`s beauty when they were all having make up on their faces??? Doesn`t it look like adults trying to overexploit their own children? Some people out there also criticize this show as very unhealthy and rude show since in some scenes they show how Mama provided unhealthy meal or drink to her children or how they curse each other freely. Talking about parents setting bad example to their children. Moreover, the appearance of honey boo boo`s uncle who openly admits he is gay, which will be a problem for people that are very fundamentalist not being open minded about it. (Note: I am against homosexual and gay marriage, but, personally, I do not have problem with people being gay; I disagree with their life choice, but I still appreciate the people).
But there are amazing character that each of the family members show making this particular show feels warm and show the real meaning of being a family. So, here`s what I learn from these beautiful Thompson family;

1. Alana `Honey Boo Boo` Thompson

This cute chubby little girl really has her dream set in very early age. She has this goal. She works for it. She is very confident. I mean, how many chubby girls out there have this kind of confidence given the social standard of being beautiful is being petite. She loves her own image. She got the attitude. Yet, she is still a little child whose sometimes can be upset and simply want to have fun and play. Although she has her eyes on the crowns, she still cares about her family. She collected as many candies as she can so she can give them to Pumpkin who had to stay in bed in halloween night. She agreed to cancel her schedule going to pageant because the family has to bring Chickadee to give birth Baby Kaitlyn. When, she was asked whether she was upset since she can not go to the pageant. She answered, yes, she was upset. But, there are still many pageants she can go. She understand, in her capacity of being just 7 years old, there are things that more important than beauty pageants. She even gladly prepared presents for Baby Kaitlyn.

2. June `Mama` Shannon
Despite of some rude expression she often said in the show and some careless gesture of being a Mom, I think she is just being a real Mom. She is not trying to be perfect mom. Yet, she is always there for her children. She is very supportive in helping Honey Boo Boo to make her dream come true. She is the one who always cheers the loudest whenever Honey Boo Boo appears on the stage. She was so caring when Chickadee being in labor or when Pumpkin got sick. She does a good job managing the money to afford as many family necessities as she could. She is always happy. She appreciate the value of making happy memories as a family. She is not thinking about herself and not taking so much fuss about her own appearance. She also has this confidence of woman with big curve (although I am not a fan of being obese for health reason only) which I think decent to Honey Boo Boo character.

3. Lauryn `Pumpkin` Shannon, Jessica `Chubbs` Shannon, and Anna `Chickadee` Pumpkin
They sometimes fight with each other but they are also very caring and supportive in helping Honey Boo Boo in every pageant. There was this scene of them that awed me. So, Alana is going to have her birthday party, and they were not that rich to buy presents. They decided to go to Mama`s daily needs storage and found some soap and food and wrap them as a present for Honey Boo Boo. Usually, some children will not be so excited seeing that kind of present. It was too simple. But, Honey Boo Boo said she was happy getting presents from her sisters, because she knew they gave from their heart.They look up and appreciate Mama`s boyfriend as Dad. They accept Honey Boo Boo as their family although she has different father.

4. Mike `Sugar Bear` Thompson.
He reminds me of my own father. He loves Mama so much. Although, Mama was still doubtful to marry him, he still stays for 9 years with her. He loves all of the children, although, biologically speaking, only Honey Boo Boo who is the only daughter he has with Mama. Others come from different father. When he has some day off, he did not spend it just for himself, he took time to just being around with his children. My favorite episode is when Sugar Bear took Honey Boo Boo out for some quality time of father and daughter. What a precious moment! He also supports Honey Boo Boo doing her thing. Giving her encouragement words and give appreciation and acknowledgement when she actually won something.

All in all, what I like the most from this show is that all of the members are just being themselves. They are not fake. They appreciate, love and accept each other. They show how a family should be without lecturing the audience. In addition, I do not know whether honey boo boo and her family principally against homosexual or not, but the fact that they accept Uncle Poodle the way he is without being so judgemental (they were sometimes make fun of him or being cynical about him being gay, but then, they always accept him whenever he comes, they even invited him for family occasions), is another plus point for others to learn that people are different, but that does not make they do not deserve any loving gesture from their family. I just hope that as fame and money they gain grow quickly, they will not change the purity of these characters in the future.

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