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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Combating My Own Depression

So I was quite free yesterday.
We were moving on samples only not doing any experiment.
And then again, the sadness hits again right after he says no for my offering to help him
Plus, when I saw yesterday`s pic his face looked sad
Is it maybe because of me?
Ok, stop it!
So I found this scientific article entitled `Cognitive behavioural approaches to the patients suffering from depression due to maladjustment in the work place: Two case reports` by Masahito Tomotake, Masao Okura, and Hiromichi Okabe. I can see myself reading the patients` problem. Although, I do not think I need any medication. However, I found that the talk therapy and self reflection were quite effective. So I think I might try to do it by myself.
I give myself thoughts of having professional therapist but I don`t think it will be effective if he/she can not speak and understand English.
First, I have to identify which level of depression I am now, based on Beck Depression Inventory, I am in mild mood disturbance.
Second, I have to record my automatic negative thinking and emotional reasoning events in order to recognize what disturbs me and try to confront it with more logical reasoning.
Let`s see how it goes

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