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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The strict world of ikebana

When I was first introduced to M-sensei in the church, she often invited me to ikebana exhibition.
I can not afford to reject the invitation, besides, I enjoy seeing flowers.
She was excited to see me have interest in ikebana, so she offered me for ikebana lesson.
However, that time, it is difficult to find spare time even in Saturdays since I have to stay in lab doing experiment with my supervisor. Then, we never talk about that thing again. But, I still come to her ikebana exhibition invitations.

One half year later, S-san invited me to see ikebana exhibition. At that time, she and Sa-san encouraged me to have ikebana lesson. S-san then offered me to go with her since she goes
to ikebana class. I received her invitation directly. Besides, the class does not require me to come everytime. Although I have to pay every time I come. After second attendance, S-san said that N-sensei offered me to teach me adult ikebana rather than only junior ikebana since I still have about 3 years staying in Japan.

It went well. 
Until, last Sunday, I was invited first by S-san to come to the Ikenobo, 
the next day, M-sensei invited me to the same event.
I said to her, yes, I will come to see my friend
who will also participate in that exhibition.
She said she will also participate
I said, good timing, I will come to the same exhibition to see my friend`s 
so I will go see hers also.


First, I thought I will greet S-san first then I will spend the rest of the day with M-sensei.
I called S-san when I arrived but she didn`t answer
so I changed the plan, and I called M-sensei.
After meeting her, we decided to see around, and while she was explaining,
S-san and N-sensei came
At first, I occasionally introduced each other
But, then, I can sense something is not right
I can tell M-sensei was not quite happy.
N-sensei left me and S-san first, while M-sensei was talking to other person that suddenly came
Phew! that was very awkward
Later, I found out from M-sensei that she and N-sensei has different point of view
about ikebana so they separate although N-sensei learnt ikebana from her mother.
Long story short, I made it through the day

Today, S-san came to me and apologize saying that 
N-sensei can not accept me coming to her class again
since M-sensei was actually mad at her, accusing her
`stealing` her student
I felt guilty when S-san told me that, especially N-sensei.
I did not mean to made her feel that way
I made a huge mistake, but I can do nothing about it.
I asked S-san to explain and say sorry for me to N-sensei
I did not mean to end like this
S-san said that ikebana world is an old culture, 
so it is quite strict.
If you have your own style and not fit with your teacher,
you will get out and form your own style and find your own student.
S-san said that N-sensei is not that strict compared to M-sensei,
, she can tolerate new style and try to adjust it so it is still within basic rules of ikebana, 
so she first thought she will be a suitable teacher for me 
who is still beginner. However, since M-sensei offered me first,
N-sensei will not dare taking the risk having me as a student.
Oh well, you can not learn from two different teacher.

On top of all,I should have come at separate day >_<

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