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Monday, March 11, 2013

Graduation Gown Glory

So, my university has this pretty much unfair policy, in which, although they receive students in two different semester, they only hold one graduation ceremony. And it is only for those who enroll on spring semester. So for students who happen to enroll in fall, we will not have that ceremony even though we can still have our diploma.

That was why, when I graduated last september, I did not attend to any ceremony, let alone taking pic with graduation gown. So it was pretty much a bummer. You graduated, yet, you did not feel like you really graduated. I heard once that the reason was actually simple that was because not many students enroll in fall semester, so they do not hold any graduation ceremony on september ( you know that the reason why students do not enroll on fall MIGHT BE because YOU DO NOT HOLD any fall graduation ceremony????)

Then, my friend suggested to apply for the gown rent. I checked for master graduation gown. Principally, I did not lie. I have graduated. It was not like I was pretending I graduated from master anyway. Yet, my application was rejected. Shoot! They said that was because I did not enroll in spring. I tried to convince my International Student Division staff, she understood how I felt but then she could not do anything.

For those who thought that this kind of complaint was stupid
and I am being a bitch about it,
I can not blame you.

But, here`s a thing
in my country, where having a master or PhD degree is a privilege,
and not many people can achieve it,
making memories about it is still considered important. 
You have no idea, how someone would spend so many in order to make sure everything go well
on graduation day. 
It is also a pride for the family. For your parents especially.
So now you might understand a little bit how I felt when I found out I can not rent this thing.
I was enrolled in October. 
So obviously, I will never have a chance for wearing that gown.
Well, you can actually came to the graduation party of your friend who graduated on April.
But, you will need an invitation.
So, unless you are a family or a wife/husband of the graduating student.
You might as well not want to give the idea a chance.


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