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Monday, February 4, 2013


I learn new thing today about Japanese culture from one of my seniors
It is about the term of `family` in Japan
There is some shocking detail for me about what they have in mind
when they hear `family`

So, in my definition (which is mostly influenced by Indonesian culture),
if you say family, then you can communicate freely with 
the family member (and we are not talking only about biological family)
and you are pretty much opened to each other
and if some of the members seem to draw themselves from the family,
there are something wrong with them or the family itself
and of course, communication is very important between each other
we do not leave it like there unspoken

Ii is a different world here,
apparently, if you are considered as family,
you are not required to have an intense communication
there is a belief of understanding each other
without even saying a word
He gave an example, a good married couple
does not have to communicate intensely,
they can spend day without communicating each other,
but the food is on the table,
each need is fulfilled,
without obligation of having a word to each other
they can still live together peacefully and grow old together

Well, there is actually a good thing on it
yet, for me, that does not mean
cutting all of the communication.

That reminds me also of my lab staff story, in which,
how even a husband and wife still have their own private life
which is not known by their spouse.

I really do not believe you can actually maintain
a good relationship, not only in family,
without a good and intense communication.

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