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Sunday, February 17, 2013


I have to admit,
I do not like administrative works
Yet, since high school, it seemed that I was pointed out as
one of the those who is responsible
for administrative works,
such as OSIS, Pelkat PT, or even now
secretary for Indonesian Student Association in my prefecture.
I do not know what people see in me
let alone God XD
I mean, I am not an organized person myself
as a sanguin and a right brain user, I am too `artsy`
with this kind of job
and although I can do that, but I do not enjoy it
from my heart XD
I do it mostly because I dont want to let people down
and I do it so I can do my other things while
not worrying people start to question when will your work done XD
Well, I guess I just have to do it professionally
I just hope my choleric part can take control more while
my sanguinic part take a rest hahahahaha

pcture is taken from here

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