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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sleep Cycle

Recently, I change my sleep cycle
I will be in the lab until the next morning,
continuing working until around 2 at noon,
then go for sleep until 4 (or even 6 pm),
eventually, start working until the next morning

Well, physically speaking, that is actually abnormal
but, as you know, I consider this as a defense mechanism
Since got depressed due to you know what,
I determined not to get in the same room with my problem source,
by arranging a different time of experiment,
I can avoid being in the same room (and feel constantly ignored
and alienated) without being obvious.
The result, I can do my work with full concentration
and without fear of having those hurtful feeling anymore,
my works finished, i still have enough time for sleep
(although within different time with other normal people).
and I can still interact with others in the morning,
plus sensei and he knows I am not skipping my experiment time,
All in all, it is considerably good physically and psychologically for me
Nevertheless, do not try this at home, people
It is only recommended to those who have
the same experience like me

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