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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

TV Shows

Tryin` to talk about something lighter today,
After 9 gag, I finally found more exciting entertainment which is
TV show streaming
Since I do not have any cable tv and my tv only shows japanese programs,
I am pretty much late in updating english based shows (not any more)
The thing that I think is too bad is that they don`t have E!
for the gossip shows hahaha
I am very lucky having quite good speed on internet
so I do not have those moments when you have to wait staring
at the word `buffering` XD
Thanks also to my friend who recommended me this site

So here is a list of TV shows I have been watching these days
Most are actually sitcoms, some are horror and reality show just

1. 30 Rock
2. SNL
3. The Office
4. American Horror Story
5. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
6. Criminal Minds
7. Deadly Women
8. Women with Knifes
9. America`s Next Top Model
10. IT crowd

It is actually nice doing marathon episodes since they already have
tons of episodes! This thing also makes me feel more comfortable staying
at lab wayyy late even until the next day). I can do my work lab while
watching and no one in the lab. Actually, this really helps me to be more focus
since those two are not in the same room with me. :D

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